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A simple yet profound business model that enables Gao Law to offer the best service in the industry. Our experienced team of attorney and paralegals draw on years of industry-specific knowledge and experience to provide an innovative, flexible, and tailored approach to resolve the client's every need. Our unique style blended with a knowledgeable and responsive team, ensures that every transaction is completed quickly and smoothly. 

We pride ourselves on delivering a high quality representation typically associated with law firms much larger while providing the attentive and individualized service of a small law practice.

Our firm offers a broad range of services, including all aspects of real estate, construction, contracts and leases, corporations, financial and tax planning trusts and estate, trademark and copy right filing, dispute resolution, and more. You can explore a full list of our services in the button below, or alternatively, you can contact us directly for a free over the phone consultation. 

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01. Real Estate

We offer Expedient and smooth purchase and sale transactions. Thorough and effective review of the properties and rapidly resolve any issues that may prevent a quick closing.  Clients find it easy to find answers and realistic expectations with our sound counseling.

  • Property purchase and sale

  • Construction consultation and management.

  • Condominium Offering Plan

  • Deeds and name change

  • Rental property management

02. Corporate Affairs

Regardless whether you are a new or veteran business owner, reliable and accurate corporate counseling is a must have for any successful business. Our firm can help you with something as simple as filing for an LLC to something as complex as using corporations to shield liability, minimize taxes, or distribute wealth to a beneficiary. Our firm is well versed in the areas of:

  • Corporation (Inc.), Limited Liability  (LLC) , and Partnership Formation.

  • Corporate and Asset purchase and sale

  • Shareholder agreements  

  • Corporate documentation and recordation

  • Corporate structuring 

  • Investment risk assessment

  • Non-Profit status filing

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03. Estate and Asset Planning

Personalized estate and financial planning to maximize tax benefits while shielding potential creditors and granting peace of mind for posterity. Our multi-faceted estate planning ensures the plan is fit for your goals and concerns while avoiding devastating mistakes.

Asset planning is on the right and to the left is estate planning. Asset planning seeks to achieve the goals of liability shielding, tax benefit maximization, sound asset management, and efficient asset distribution. Tailored to the individual objectives of the client, we always come up with the best fitting plan to your circumstances.

  • Will Execution and Recordation​

  • Trust formation

  • Incapacity Planning

  • Estate Planning

  • Tax Planning

04. Contract and Drafting Services

From small private agreements to residential and commercial leases to multi-million dollar loan agreements, we can do it all! Work with our expert field of professionals to customize whatever agreement you need for any circumstances.

  • Mortgage and Collateral Agreements

  • ​Lease review and negotiation

  • Agreement Drafting

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05. Trademarks and Copyright filing

For any business relies on brand. A unique mark or label is a must have. Filing for a trademark on those labels or marks allows the owner the exclusive right to use that label. It provides a level of authenticity to your goods while allowing consumers to differentiate between authentic and counterfeit products.

  • Trademark filing and renewal filing

  • Trademark consultation

  • Copyright search and filing.

06. General Counseling & Conflict Resolution

Have general legal issues? trying to resolve a conflict? Our firm is your one-stop-shop for most general inquiries regarding the law, business, property, and assets. We can provide the most in-depth and thorough analysis of your situation to provide the best solution for your problem, whatever it may be.

  • Property Line Dispute

  • Corporate and Partnership Dispute

  • Family dispute resolution

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We take pride in what we do an offer our utmost attention to your needs. Reach out today for a free evaluation.

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