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"Be Like Water"

Inspired by Bruce Lee's profound philosophy, this mantra guides our business model at Gao Law. We understand the law to be as dynamic and ever-changing as water, and we strive to embody this fluidity and flexibility in our approach to legal services. Our seasoned team of attorneys and paralegals harness years of industry-specific knowledge and experience, continually adapting to meet and exceed our clients' diverse needs. With an innovative mindset, we mold our legal strategies to suit the unique contours of each case, just as water flows or adapts to the shape of its container.

Our expertise flows across a multitude of legal domains, much like a river that nourishes a vast expanse of terrain. We provide comprehensive solutions in areas such as:

  1. Real Estate

  2. Construction Law

  3. Contracts and Leases

  4. Corporate Law

  5. Financial and Tax Planning

  6. Trusts and Estates

  7. Trademark and Copyright Filing

  8. Dispute Resolution, and much more!


Each practice area represents a tributary of our extensive legal river, all converging to create a powerful force of representation for our clients. We invite you to explore these areas in more depth below, or alternatively, you can reach out to us directly for a free over-the-phone consultation.


Real Estate Property Purchase and Sale

  • Adverse possession claims and defense

  • Real property name change, gift between family members

  • Real Estate Investment strategic planning

  • Lease draft, review and negotiation

  • Commercial Property management.

  • Boundary Dispute


Corporations Matters

  • Corporation (Inc.), Limited Liability  (LLC) , and Partnership Formation.

  • Corporate minutes preparation

  • LLC Operating Agreements and Publication

  • Shareholder Agreements  

  • Joint venture agreements

  • Corporate compliance review and consultant

  • Investment management.

  • Corporate merger and acquisitions.

  • Corporate lending practice compliance.

  • Corporate and Asset purchase and sale

  • Buying and Selling Businesses

  • Corporate Structuring

  • Investment risk assessment

  • Non-Profit status filing

  • Shareholder, Partner, or Member Dispute resolution

Private Lending

  • Secured and Unsecured Mortgage Loan origination

  • Investment financial planning

  • Private agreement drafting

  • Lien filing and collections


Trust and Asset Management

  • Medicaid Trust formation

  • Revocable Trust formation

  • Specialty Needs Trust formation

  • Wills drafting and execution

  • Incapacity planning

  • Tax planning


Family Law and Matrimonial

  • Family and property dispute resolution.

  • Matrimonial, Custody, and Guardianship matters.

Agency Defense

  • FDA Actions.

  • USPTO Actions

  • Customs and Border Protection Actions

  • Customs and Trades for imports

  • Good valuation

  • HTS classification


Copy Right and Trademark

  • Trademark litigation

  • Copy right filing

  • Copyright litigation and defense

  • Trademark filing and renewal filing

  • Copyright search and filing.


We take pride in what we do an offer our utmost attention to your needs. Reach out today for a free evaluation.

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